Rachael Robertson


Michael Fryer

Rachael Robertson and Michael Fryer

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Our Story

Rachael and Michael met at an Oaklands Chapel lunch when Rachael moved to Victoria in 2006. Ever since that auspicious day, throughout the intervening years which saw them traveling around and only sometimes living in Victoria at the same time, they always seemed to end up talking, debating, and laughing whenever they ran across each other. They eventually both realized that they secretly liked each other, and started dating. Their road of dating was not always smooth, but even in hard times their mutual respect grew and they continued to care about each other. In 2016, Michael asked Rachael out again five days before leaving the country to work in Iraq and has spent the last year reconditioning his sense of appropriate timing. That timing got a lot better when he got on one knee just after sunset at Point-No-Point this fall and asked Rachael to marry him. She joyfully said yes!

Four days a week, Rachael works at Milroy Engineering in her capacity as an aerospace technician. The fifth work day in her schedule finds her providing daycare for her one and only nephew, Everett. She loves both of her jobs for different reasons. The aerospace job is full of wonderful coworkers, repetitive tasks (which she enjoys), interesting challenges, and the opportunity to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Her days with her nephew are irreplaceable times of wonder, giggles, snuggles, and exhaustion. When Rachael isn't working, she is often found at Butchart Gardens, her church, or a thrift store (where she's always on the lookout for dresses for swing dancing). Rachael loves reading, writing letters to friends and family, baking...and anything that lets her hang out with Michael.

After getting his Master's degree in engineering, Michael started working in international disaster relief, and has built water systems and managed hygiene programs in the Philippines, Greece and Iraq, after natural and man-made disasters. His last project was building a hospital near Mosul. Rachael has expressed her hope that he find a job in Victoria, so he is currently looking for something closer to home. When he is not traveling, Michael enjoys reading, soccer, hockey, hiking, helping out at church, and volunteering at Camp Imadene. But most of all he loves hanging out with his best friend, Rachael.
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